SAVOY solid wood

Elegant billiard built in solid walnut mutunjè with valuable timber and stagionatissimi.


Model of great class combined with the most variety of furnishings from the most modern to the most classic.

GRAND MASTER solid wood

Stylish mobile from decided and modern forms, perfect for every kind of furniture.

MATADOR solid wood

"Spearhead" of production Hermelin for the highest levels of furnishings and exclusive clientele.

CENTENARY solid wood

Elegant billiard built in mutunjè wood, designed by GPA Monti.

ANCIENT 1825 solid wood

Pool Table from ancient forms of order 800, taken from original drawings and models of the century.

Sforza solid wood

Pool Table "in" early 900 style. Classic shapes, animated by ornamental patterns on the wings.

SEDAH solid wood

Forms decided by the impressive design, ideal for rustic environments.

KNIGHT solid wood

Elegant wooden billiard mutinje and Mexican walnut.